Baked Knishes with Organic Potaoes and NY Cheddar Cheese

Not every variety of Knish is available at the same time. We will update with the current selection, but, we can make any as a special order
(minimum order of 6 knishes).


Gold Coast Knish

Sharp Cheddar Knish

Colcannon Knish

Moussaka Knish

Duck Bacon Knish

We’ve been making knishes at the brewery-bistro since we opened in 2019 to have as a hand-held side to our beer.

We use organic potatoes, as well as organic onions in those knishes that have them. And, the flour and eggs in the crust have also been organic from day one. Our current flour is from Farmer Ground.

We will soon be offering knishes and pretzels for pre-order pick-up at the brewery-bistro AND will also make them available for orders to be shipped to you!

our beer pretzel with our beer mustard

Our beer pretzels are dairy-free,

made using organic NY State Flour,

with our beer as part of the recipe.

Vegan Knish