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Some of our beer
Wild-caught crab cooked on a Belgian waffle iron (to reduce the amount of breading)

Waff’ld Crab Cake

We have various knishes baked in an organic flour crust.

Baked Knishes

Grass-Fed Beef Hot Dog braised in beer and served in the round on an English Muffin (ala Jacques Pépin)

Beer-Braised Curly Dog

Falafel Wrap

Organic falafel in our house-made organic flatbread

Centerport residents for over 20 years,  Regina is an organic grower, Paul is a brewer who launched the brewery in 2008. We are both cooks and our love of creating flavorful things led us to open our casual little brewery-bistro in 2019.


We are a small sixteen-seat 

bistro & brewery located in a

 hidden-away but easy to get to spot in Centerport, Long Island.

Local | Organic

We source our ingredients for our beer as well as our food as local and organic as possible. Vegan and vegetarian options are on our food menu.

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Organic Russet Potatoes fried twice in house-rendered Long Island Duck Fat

Our beers are brewed with NY State ingredients, We sometimes incorporate our beers into our food recipes, we often use things that Regina (or farmers she knows) has grown. We keep it as local and organic as possible, while cooking with the seasons. The meat we use is sustainably raised on small farms and ranches without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics.

Organic Mushroom Barley Chicken Soup, just one of our many soups.

Mushroom Barley Chicken Soup

Duck Fat Fries

Pickle-Bried-Beer-Battered-Duck-Fat-Fried Chicken Sandwich

Duck Fat Fried Chicken Sandwich

Double Beef Smashed Burger

We make a variety of pieogi, see our menu for details!


Duck Fat Fried Pizza! Pizza crust fried in our house-rendered duck fat, finished in the oven with mozzarella, tomato sauce, and basil.

Pizza Fritta

Our house-made spaetzle with swiss, smoked gouda, and sauteed onions. Organic flour.

Cheese Spaetzle

Grass-fed double smashed beef burger with NY Cheddar, served on an Engish Muffin. Brioche is also an option.
Long Island Potato Stout, brewed with local organic potatoes

Long Island Potato Stout


Thursdays: Open 4PM
kitchen closes 8PM

Fridays: Open Noon
kitchen closes 8PM

Saturdays: Open Noon

kitchen closes 8PM

Sundays: Open Noon

kitchen closes 7PM

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