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Long Island Craft Beer Week

Long Time No Blog

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The timeline here shows how much I have been neglecting the old Brewhouse Blog, but I have been busy elsewhere. As with every time I post after a long absence here, I again vow to be better about keeping up with the blog.

Long Island Craft Beer Week has come and gone. This year Blind Bat introduced a new experimental brew, Spring Folly, at the first annual BayFest held by our friends at Great South Bay Brewery. Reaction was positive, so this will join the lineup after I get Federal label approval. That’s been taking longer, lately, however.

The Third Annual Golden Tap Awards, a keystone event of Long Island Craft Beer Week was a fun evening, as folks in the local craft beer industry got to spend some quality time together. Blind Bat was fortunate to be awarded the Golden Tap Award for Long Island Beer of the Year 2013. I was honored just to be considered among my fellow brewers.
Paul Dlugokencky 2013 Beer of the Year

I brewed some Beached Blonde last weekend, which I haven’t brewed since 2010 (why? just not enough time in part-time mode to get to it all!). I should be brewing more Hellsmoke Porter over the upcoming holiday weekend.

The last few months have been spent in various stages of negotiation with different potential landlords for the new home of the brewery. As with many things, it has been taking longer than anticipated. I can’t promise news soon, but I hope to have something to announce soon(ish).

Long Island Craft Beer Week Continues

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tomorrow night, Friday May 18th, The Cortland in Bay Shore will be featuring a number of Blind Bat beers on tap for their "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night with Blind Bat Brewing Co" event (7 PM - Midnight). The First 50 People Get Limited Edition Cortland Sunglasses. (I’ll be here, but will be wearing my own sunglasses)

Bobby and Ben held on to some Hellsmoke Porter and Belfry Brown to serve for this, but I’ll also be delivering a keg of my Long Island Pale Ale and a rare keg of the Spring 2012 Long Ireland + Blind Bat Saison. The majority of the collaboration was put into 750 ML bottles, only four slim kegs (“sixtels” - which are 1/6 of a barrel, or just over 5 gallons) .

If you some of the Saison from any of the four casks which were tapped for the SimulCask on Monday, you’ll find it to be different from the keg or bottle - much higher carbonation, and colder, of course.
It’s almost a different beer via bottle or keg vs. cask.
Long Ireland + Blind Bat Saison Label image Tap Handle Image LI Pale Ale


Also on Friday night, Tap & Barrel in Smithtown will be holding a Small Craft Cask Festival. Casks are scheduled to be on from three of Long Island’s smaller breweries: Port Jeff, Spider Bite, and Blind Bat. Blind Bat will be supplying a firkin of Eye Chart Ale, Cory will be representing.


Honey-Basil Ale at Luce & Hawkins

May 17 , 2011

Been away from the old Brewhouse Blog for awhile, been keeping busy at the smoker and in the brewhouse getting ready for Long Island Craft Beer Week.

On Monday, May 23rd, James Beard Award winning Chef
Keith Luce will be preparing a three-course dinner pairing with five of my beers:

- Honey-Basil Ale
- Vlad the Inhaler
- Hell Gate Golden Ale
- Hellsmoke Porter
- Long Island Potato Stout

All but one of the above beers will also be on tap for Long Island Craft Beer Week at The Cortland in Bay Shore on Friday May 20th. The Honey-Basil Ale will only available at the beer dinner at Luce & Hawkins in Jamesport on Monday May 23rd (7 PM).  Part of my farm-and-garden series of beers using local, seasonal ingredients. In this case, the honey is from Huntington's High Meadow Farm. Honey-gold in color, approach-ably tea-like and dry. Starts with a sweep of nectar with floral undertones,  and finishes with some Fuggle hop bitterness. The basil lends some astringency. A very sessional 3.8% ABV.

Seating is limited, a few tickets are left (going, going...). This is the first of a series of local wine/beer dinners being created by Lenn Thompson. For more information and ticket information see Lenn’s
New York Cork Report or contact him at

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