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Knocking Wood with Crossed Fingers

Monday, November 17, 2014

Location, Location, Location...
As most of you may already know, we have been searching for a new location since the space in Northport fell through earlier this year -- centering again on Western Suffolk and Eastern Nassau. We were tempted by spaces further East and West, but a suitable space may have been found in Western Suffolk, on the North Shore. We don't want to jinx anything and say just where until the lease (which is in hand) has been signed. If you happen to know where this is from a conversation with either Regina or me, please keep it under your best hat!

The above-mentioned space will be larger than our current operation, but still relatively small. There will, however, be a tasting and tap room. IF all goes well, we should be open by the Spring of 2015.

Over the last few months, we've had productive talks with Renaissance Downtowns, the company working with the Town of Huntington on revitalizing Huntington Station. We were not able to identify an existing building for a brewery, but a space in Huntington Station is still possible in about two years. This would entail new construction on New York Avenue, a short walk north of the LIRR Station.

The space mentioned in the first paragraph is not in Huntington Station. Hopefully we'll be able to report on a signed lease soon, and the exact location will then be publicized. That location will likely continue even if we establish a larger brewery in Huntington Station.

Farmers’ Markets
The regular Farmers' Market season is soon drawing to a close. This coming Saturday (November 22nd) will be the last market day in Northport, and Sunday the 23rd will be the last market day in Babylon. Each market runs 8 AM to 1 PM.

We have started selling bottles of our beer at the Riverhead Indoor Farmers' Market on Saturdays from 10 AM to 2 PM. Come on out to see us at 221 East Main Street, and then visit our friends at Long Ireland Beer Co. (817 Pulaski Street), Moustache Brewing Co. (400 Hallet Avenue), and Crooked Ladder Brewing Co. (70 West Main Street). Get your beer on in Riverhead!

A map of Long Island's breweries can be found at
Long Island Craft Breweries. We look forward to adding our pin to that map soon!

Where Is Blind Bat?

Friday, June 6, 2014

While we were approved by the Village of Northport Zoning Board on April 23rd (with some restrictive conditions), lease negotiations have taken a longer-than expected circuitous route.

Nothing regarding Northport is certain at this point. So, we are aggressively exploring other locations should what we have been working on in Northport since January fail to come to fruition.

Meanwhile, I’m producing as much beer as I can in the Centerport nano-brewery. Farmers’ Market Season has now started: Regina was at the Crossroads Farm Farmers’ Market in Malverne on Thursday, and I’ll be at the opening day at the Northport Farmers’ Market on Saturday the 7th. I’ll also be at the Babylon Farmers’ Market on Sunday the 8th.

Either Regina or I will be at the Northport Farmers’ Market every Saturday through November. One of us will be at Malverne and Babylon, but not every week. We’ll also start every other week at the Islip Farmers’ Market this year. Once we are finally up and running on a bigger scale, we’ll be able to be at the markets every week.

To see what we’ll be bringing to which market, and when, please check the
“Where to Find” page on

Small Brewers and Farmers' Markets

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Legislation often moves at a glacial pace, but there has been some movement in the New York State Senate on the bill to allow small brewers to sell beer at Farmers' Markets. (Wineries in NY State can already do this.) The history of the Senate Bill is

S02623 Summary:
BILL NO S02623

SAME AS Same as A 2325




Amd S51, ABC L

Permits certain small beer brewers to obtain a permit to sell beer in a sealed
container for off-premises consumption at fairs and farmers' markets.

S02623 Actions:
BILL NO S02623

03/10/2009 1ST REPORT CAL.105
03/11/2009 2ND REPORT CAL.
03/18/2009 PASSED SENATE
03/18/2009 referred to economic development

So, it now needs to pass in the Assembly, and then a reconciled bill would then move to the Governor's desk. (Will he sign it?)

The history of the legislation in the New York Assembly can be found at It looks like this has been on a back burner since 2003.
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