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Long Time No Blog

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The timeline here shows how much I have been neglecting the old Brewhouse Blog, but I have been busy elsewhere. As with every time I post after a long absence here, I again vow to be better about keeping up with the blog.

Long Island Craft Beer Week has come and gone. This year Blind Bat introduced a new experimental brew, Spring Folly, at the first annual BayFest held by our friends at Great South Bay Brewery. Reaction was positive, so this will join the lineup after I get Federal label approval. That’s been taking longer, lately, however.

The Third Annual Golden Tap Awards, a keystone event of Long Island Craft Beer Week was a fun evening, as folks in the local craft beer industry got to spend some quality time together. Blind Bat was fortunate to be awarded the Golden Tap Award for Long Island Beer of the Year 2013. I was honored just to be considered among my fellow brewers.
Paul Dlugokencky 2013 Beer of the Year

I brewed some Beached Blonde last weekend, which I haven’t brewed since 2010 (why? just not enough time in part-time mode to get to it all!). I should be brewing more Hellsmoke Porter over the upcoming holiday weekend.

The last few months have been spent in various stages of negotiation with different potential landlords for the new home of the brewery. As with many things, it has been taking longer than anticipated. I can’t promise news soon, but I hope to have something to announce soon(ish).

Thanks for Saturday, Hellsmoke for Thursday

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Blind Bat table yesterday at the North Fork Craft Beer Festival to say hi and try some of my beer.

In addition to that keg of Beached Blonde that I set aside to pour this coming Thursday, I'll also be bringing a keg of Hellsmoke Porter that survived Saturday. And Thursday (August 13th) means the charity beer tasting and food pairing being organized by Dave (of Dave's Bellport Cold Beer & Soda). It will be held at the Bellport Country Club to raise funds for Camp Pa-qua-tuck and local high school scholarships.

Saturday Forcast

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The 2007 and 2008 North Fork Craft Beer Festivals were blessed with perfect, sunny weather. While it looks like weather-wise, this Saturday might not be a completely sunny day, partly sunny with a high near 74 sounds pretty good. I'll be somewhere in the big tent pouring Hellsmoke Porter and Beached Blonde, will be giving my new kegs their maiden voyage.

I'm saving a keg of the Beached Blonde to pour next Thursday (August 13th) at the charity beer dinner being organized by Dave (of Dave's Bellport Cold Beer & Soda) at the Bellport Country Club to benefit local high schools and Camp Pa-qua-tuck. Come on down, it's for a good cause and promises to be a fun event, thanks to Dave's work lining up all sorts of beers from lots of great breweries.

13 Days, and Counting...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'll be pouring Hellsmoke Porter and Beached Blonde on August 8th at the North Fork Craft Beer, BBQ & Wine Festival at the Martha Clara Vineyard in Jamesport.

My aim for the Beached Blonde is to offer something a little different for summertime, a Belgian-inspired blonde ale that's a bit lower in alcohol than a lot of the Belgians currently available. The TTB approved the formula/recipe and label for the Beached Blonde on July 17th:

Beached Blonde Beer Label image

If folks trying it at the festival tell me that they like it enough, I'll brew more.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Back in the brew house today brewing more of the Belgian-inspired Blonde Ale. I'm expecting that by the time I have some in kegs and bottles that the TTB will have approved the formula/recipe and the label.

Besides a bit of a break on the 4th, this weekend will also see me bottling and getting things ready for the next brew session. Then, back to the day job on Monday.

Back in the Brewhouse

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sorry - I haven't been on the blog in a long time, but I have been back in the brewhouse.

Currently fermenting away is some of the Old Walt Smoked Wit and something new that I brewed some test batches of back in May. It's a Belgian-inspired blonde ale, but on the lower end of the ABV scale (4.5%). I'll be brewing more of it this weekend, it's currently waiting on TTB approval -- not just on the label, but they wanted a copy of the recipe/formula as well.

More bottles finally arrived, so I'll be able to get back on the old bottling line again (which is me hand bottling with a Blichmann Beer Gun).
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