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License Update

Another cautionary tale for anyone else considering starting up a brewery. Don't be a ascared... I'm still saying "come on in, the wort is fine."

So, back on April 16th, over seven months after I had submitted my application materials (for the second time), I stood before the Board of the NY State Liquor Authority to answer any questions before they voted on granting me a micro brewery license. I took with me copies of everything I could think they might want to see. However, after only two questions and about as many minutes, the voice vote of the Board was taken, and all said "approve". The Commissioner then looked at me and, with a bang of a gavel, stated "Approved."

That was that...

... so I thought.

About one week later, I received a "Conditional Letter of Approval" outlining three items I needed to provide before a license would actually be issued. Three items that I had with me at the meeting, in case anyone asked. Much of what I brought with me was duplication of what I had submitted months previous - just in case. Two of the three items on the list were things I had already provided, but I figured, OK -- just send it in again. And so, I did, via US Mail Next Day Express.

After two weeks, I began inquiring. And asking. And questioning... as more and more weeks went by.

Finally, someone answered.

Oh, yeah. there's one more thing we need from you.

This one more thing, I provided.

On July 2nd, I was told, the license would be issued.

Sometimes, seeing is believing, other times it's believing is seeing. For me, for this, it was the former. But I now have in my hands the actual "MICRO BREWER LICENSE 2009 1 SUFF MI 1198544 101"
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