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Conditioning... (and Farmers' Markets)

That first official batch of Hellsmoke Porter is conditioning away in Corny kegs, awaiting bottling (and kegging, if my Sanke kegs arrive soon).

The folks at the New York State Brewers Association are getting behind a pending bill in the NY State Legislature to allow small brewers to sell beer at farmers' markets and fairs (in sealed containers for off-premise consumption). However, no action is likely until the new session convenes next year.

Watch this space for more. If you are inclined to participatory democracy, please write your NY State Assembly Member and NY State Senator to support the following bill:

BILL NO. A07252

TITLE OF BILL : An act to amend the alcoholic beverage control law,
in relation to permitting certain brewers to sell beer at fairs and
farmers` markets

PURPOSE : To promote micro breweries in New York State by
authorizing micro breweries to sell beer at fairs and farmers`

SUMMARY OF PROVISIONS : This bill would amend section 51 of the
alcoholic beverage control law to authorize licensed brewers with an
annual production of less than 60,000 barrels to apply to the State
Liquor Authority for a permit to serve bottled beer at the state fair,
county fairs and not-for-profit farmers` markets. A representative of
the brewer would be required to be present at the time of the sale.

JUSTIFICATION : This bill is intended to promote micro breweries in
New York State by authorizing them to sell beer at fairs and farmers`
markets in the same manner as wineries are currently authorized to
sell wine at fairs and farmers` markets. It is estimated that this
authorization could increase sales of these small businesses by five
percent which will produce jobs and further economic development in
New York.

It is important to note that, as is the case with wineries, micro
breweries would be required to obtain a permit from the State Liquor
Authority under the provisions of this bill in order to sell beer at
fairs and farmers` markets, thereby ensuring that this authorization
would be closely regulated.

The number of the bill will be different in the NY State Senate, there it is S 2466.

ALSO: The number of the bill before both the Assembly and the Senate will possibly change in the new session. Watch this space for more as things progress...

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