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The New Rhyzomes Are Here...

The new rhyzomes are here!

Just arrived from Oregon, Fuggles, Hallertauer, Mt. Hood, Sterling, and Willamette. I'll be planting these along with the established Chinook, Centennial, and Nugget.

Ahhh... Spring is coming...

No License Today... but some nice exposure in print and online...

The Full Board Calendar for today's NY State Liquor Authority meeting ( hasn't been updated since last Wednesday (Feb. 27th). The Blind Bat Brewery LLC is not on the published agenda, so it looks like I'll have to wait until the next full board meeting: Thursday, March 20th. Keeping fingers and toes crossed until then, although that is causing some problems with typing and walking.

However, there is a nice little piece on me and the brewery in this month's Canvas magazine. Very generous, considering that the brewery is not yet active.

To top that, the writer of the Canvas piece, wine writer/commentator and guru Lenn Thompson wrote an even more generous piece on his wine blog (LENNDEVOURS). This piece includes a nice mention of my wife Regina, and her career move from librarian to farmer for the Sophia Garden organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Regina and I had the pleasure of meeting Lenn at the Canvas LI wine and food event at the Canvas gallery last Saturday evening.

New York State Liquor Authority

Well, there is still time, but I am not as yet on the agenda for the next full board meeting of the NY State Liquor Authority (Wednesday, March 5th):

... still keeping fingers and toes crossed, but might have to keep doing so until March 20th